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Spring 2021

Poem Project LP CSR 151
Barra Brown
CD, Cassette and Digital Download

Winter 2021

Axiom CSR 145
LP, CD and Digital Download

Winter 2020

Korgy and Bass CSR147
Korgy & Bass
Agrocrag (Remixes)
Digital Download
Steve Drizos CSR134
Steve Drizos
Color Safe
Digital Download

Summer 2020

Krebs CSR122
All My Friends Are Ghosts
LP and Digital Download

Thirty Ought Six CSR 126
Thirty Ought Six
Bosozoku (remastered)
LP and Digital Download

Cavity Search 2020 CSR 140
Cavity Search 2020
LP and Digital Download

Shawn Parke - Elk Park EP CSR 123
Michael Elkins & Shawn Parke
Elk Park EP
Digital Download

Spring 2020

 CSR 143
Barra Brown
These Souls
Digital Download

Film Star - Permanent Solution CSR 141
Survival Skills
Permanent Solution
Digital Download
Cry All The Time CSR 130
Impulsive Hearts
Cry All The Time
Digital Download